Presentation Title: The Zero Defect Upgrade Story
Speaker: Mr Barry Burke
Company: DWS
Co-presenter: Zayne Julius - DWS
Presentation Abstract: DWS will present a real customer upgrade story of a well-known international retailer that upgraded from Xe to 9.1 in a very short timescale. DWS was engaged by the customer and calculated that the customers’ modified footprint could be reduced by 70% and the upgrade effort also could be reduced from 175 days to 98 days. The development upgrade was delivered with zero defects and came in on time and within budget.

This presentation will now be given by DWS on behalf of the customer and will address the business objectives and reasons for upgrading, the key challenges and how they achieved such a successful project.

We hope that you will learn how to set up an upgrade project for great success and how that might be applied to your own business.

‘DWS’ customer will be available to talk to you at the conference should you have questions after the presentation.

Presentation Begins: 09/12/2015 14:40
Presentation Duration: 45
Presentation Content Level: 4 (1 = indepth, 5 = strategic overview)
Audience Experience: All Experience Levels
Audience Function: Customer/Senior Management, Functional Manager, Product User
Speaker Biography:  Barry has worked in the JD Edwards market place since 1992 when he was one of an early cohort employed by JD Edwards UK. Whilst at JD Edwards, Barry held senior technical consulting and management roles with a year spent at Denver HQ and at various implementations in Europe. Under Barry’s tenure, DWS has become known as the foremost specialist and innovator in JD Edwards Development.
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Hall: Hall 7B